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Posted by ernieh | Posted in JVZOO Special Offers | Posted on 24-02-2014

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NicheReaper Client Made $30,000 in 1 month By Spotting a

Hot Niche & The Available Domain

Using This Service:

& All It Takes Is One Good Find…

OK, Making a $30,000 domain sale is not an everyday event, most established niche domains trade for $1000 – $5000 – one thing is certain though our client would never had thought of that niche without using NicheReaper.

It Finds 5000+of Hottest Trending Niches & Available Exact Match Domains Every Day
Discover What’s Targetable Before Others!
Every Keyword Pre-Qualified & Fully Researched For You!!!!


Target The Wrong Keywords & Fail – It’s That Simple!

Even if You Find A Keyword With High Traffic & Low Competition You are Still Likely To Fail…

Minimize Risk with Niche Research

Even if you’re certain that the keyword has good traffic & low competition there’s still a high risk of failure. Some keywords are are simply low commercial value.

These include “info keywords & “specific long tail leywords. The keyword has to have some commercial intent to be worth anything to anyone. Most keyword tools won’t tell you that.

Marketers Often Forget About Commercial Intent

Conventional Keyword Research is NOT enough …

Manual Keyword Research is Simply
The Mother of All Time Killers

We All Want Hot Trending,.. High Traffic,.. Low Competition Keywords – Finding Them is a Huge Task!

NicheReaper - High Traffic - Hot Trending Keywords

The Holy Grail of on-line marketing is finding the high traffic, low competition’ high commercial intent keywords. To find these usually you’ll need to come up with some ideas & then research: traffic stats, PPC value, expected Adsense earnings, competitor’s backlinks, social exposure data etc. Some of this data is only available through costly paid search metric sites.

Even if you uncover just 1 possible hot keyword you’ll usually find 100′s of variants which are also worth investigating. This multiplies your research time exponentially. This usually means cross referencing multiple keywords via multiple data sources. Time which most of us can’t spare.

Researching Just 1 Keyword Often Leads to 1000′s
of Related Searches

Properly researching just 1 keyword often ends up being a big job:

  • The Seed keyword usually exposes 100s of keyword variants
  • Doing backlink research on 100+ variants for Google top 10 = 1000+ Searches
  • Doing Social Exposure Research on 100+ variants for Google top 10 = 1000+ Searches
  • The variants often expose more variants & before you know it days are lost.

Step 1 – Think Up Keywords
Throw your keyword idea at keyword research tools & see what derivatives come out from your seed keyword. Make list of keywords with at least 1000+ monthly searches
Step 2 – Related Keyword Research
Use keyword research tools to find more related keyword ideas with at least 1000+ monthly searches
Step 3 – Paid Keyword Research
Research each keyword with trusted search metrics tools such as SEOMOZ or SEMRUSH to get accurate traffic, CPC figures & adword competition data
Step 4 – Competitor Research
Research all Google page 1 competitors by performing backlink, social signal & SEO factor checks to get an idea of effort/strategy required to beat competitor

It’s Repetitive, Boring, Costly & Time Consuming


With NicheReaper You Get The Hottest Trending Commercially Viable Keywords in Seconds!

5000+ Daily Hot Trending Keywords – All Fully Researched For You With Commercial Intent Scoring …

NicheReaper works 24 Hours per day

NicheReaper is a pioneering research tool which doesn’t mess about. It’s the only real time keyword discovery tool that searches the web 24 hours a day & digs up some 60,000 new trending keywords per day & researches them ALL! But not just any old keywords…

The Cream of The Crop…


When developing this product our primary objective was to save users time & only deliver the best opportunities. So we removed anything which is “probably worthless” from our results.

Always Fresh…


In NicheReaper 1.0 we kept all 7 Million researched keywords in our database… seemed like a good idea at the time however it’s harder to find hot trending keywords with huge volumes of data – so in NicheReaper 2 we’re dumping all data over 60 days old.

So you get is 5000+ daily trending keywords & approximately 300,000 keywords* researched in the last 60 days. So all you have to do is find something you like, look at the evidence & make your choice.
(*NicheReaper 2.0 was switched on in January 2014 so keyword volume will be 150,000 – 300,000 for Feb-March 2014)

No Brain Ache Thinking Up New Ideas!

90%+ of ideas are rejected with keyword research, hence thinking up new ideas is not an efficient use of time – specially as that time could be better spent on profitable activities

With NicheReaper you don’t have to, it does it all for you. So no more trawling through dozens of sites falling asleep at the keyboard, no more keyword research tools that work one minute not the next. Just 5000+ daily hot new keyword ideas and the supporting evidence for each one.

It Finds HOT Keywords You’d Never Think Of

Find Everything You Need to Make a Smart Targeting Decision One One Screen!

NicheReaper Members Area Main Screen

Simple New User Interface…

Our awesome new user interface makes it easy to find, search & export keyword lists. As you can see above I found 2 keywords that looked interesting whilst just taking the product screenshot:

Due date calculator: appears to have massive search volume & huge estimated adsense income. As expected main vanity URLS have gone & most competitors have an average of 218 backlinks & appear to be SEO savvy. This looks like a keyword with potential.

Panasonic vt50: product keywords are often hot for a specific period which means acting fast – these are good keywords while “trending” especially with vanity domains available – it sings niche review site with affiliate link to a reseller like Amazon. It’s good practice to look at the action versions of this keyword such as “Panasonic VT50 review” or “Panasonic VT50 buy” & do a manual search check traffic before committing.

Full Competitor Research Already Done For You!

Google Top 10 Competitor Research Screen

See What The Competition is Up to At a Glance!

Just hover over the icon next to the keyword & presto full competitor research! This is exclusive to NicheReaper.

In this case due date calculator keyword has a .gov site in mid page 1 results which suggest that competitors 1-5 are authority sites – the high number of backlinks supports that. It looks like hard work to get a high page 1 ranking but also looks highly lucrative. This would make a great long term project for marketers who can write content rich niche sites + build some social exposure & get some natural high pr backlinks.

Automated Keyword Research is Simply
a Game Changer

NicheReaper Had a Massive Impact on My Business & I’m Certain It’ll do the Same for You…

From: Matt Garrett, Gazmat Publishing

Matt G Photo

Hi Webmasters & Marketers,

Some of you may know me, I’ve been a professional blogger & niche marketer for over a decade. Automated keyword research literally transformed my on-line business since I first used it back in 2008.

Between 2004 & 2008 I made an “OK” online income, but nothing to shout home about. Most of my time then was eaten up by keyword research. I figured that if I could automate the process I could make more profit by building sites. So I run this idea past a few programmers & it lead to the making of NicheReaper 1.0 in 2008. Initially this tool was built just for me… but as computing power & internet speeds more than quadrupled over the years it was possible to make it into a commercial tool… which is what we did!

The 6 key objectives of NicheReaper were:

  • FIND popular trending keywords by searching authority sites
  • QUALIFY keywords for traffic, CPC, potential ad revenue
  • CHECK keywords with paid search metrics sites for data quality
  • RESEARCH Google top 10 competitors for SEO factors, backlinks & social signals
  • DISQUALIFY low value keywords & highlight keywords with commercial intent
  • SHOW availability of vanity keyword domains & Facebook URLS

Since I started using NicheReaper in 2008 I’ve made more than 7 figures on-line. I’m not genius or a workaholic, I’m simply consistent in finding niches & building valuable digital assets without wasting time buried in unprofitable tasks.

This isn’t a get “rich quick scheme” – it’s simply a great tool & like all good tools in the right hands it’ll make money.

You Don’t Need to be a Pro – Just Some Basic Skills Like Building a WordPress Site Will Do…

Ideally you should be able to build a basic WordPress site, write good related content & perhaps do some simple SEO like: adding keywords to titles, headings, building backlinks & social sharing. If you’re OK with that & like myself you’ve been bogged down with keyword research then this is definitely the right product for you.

This is one of my Monthly Ad Statements:

Matt Garrett - Ad Revenue Screenshot Jan 2014
This is one of my ad accounts – it shows monthly income from niche sites I built in 2008 which shamefully I haven’t even touched since. The key focus for ad income is traffic – in some niches you’ll walk it with just basic on page SEO with others you’ll need to do some work like: link building, social linking, Youtube videos, articles etc – NicheReaper will tell you exactly what you need to do to beat your competitors & get a Google Page 1 ranking.

What you make from ad revenues depends of course on picking the right keyword, your ability to build sites & your ability to drive traffic. NicheReaper shows you estimated Adsense revenues for each Google page 1 position so you’ll have a good idea of what the reward is when you’ve done the work!

A Few of My Domains Trades:

Matt Garrett Domain Trading Screenshot 2013
A typical niche site usually sells between $1000 – $2000 depending on it’s desirability &/or it’s monthly ad revenue. However you need to be quick as trending domains are snapped up!. Many NicheReaper users use our LIVE FEED feature to spot new opportunities . Being quick to spot & quick to act is the key.

If you like the idea of domain flipping then my advice would be to buy your domain, write a niche site, stick on some ads on it so it pays for itself & wait till the site gets some PR. Aged domains with good PR & related content fetch much higher premiums than parked sites. So it’s usually best to treat domains as investments rather than fast bucks.

I Use Many Niche Sites for List Building Which Gets Me on a Few Leader Boards:

Matt Garrett - Affiliate Leaderboard Screenshots 2012-2013

What’s often overlooked by niche marketers is lead capture. Where you find a niche that’s related to products you can sell simply add an opt-in & or an affiliate offer. This will help you grow your list & as everyone knows with a good list you can earn more affiliate income & win some cool JV prizes!

Automated Research Means More Time For Profitable Tasks

As you can see there are plenty of opportunities to make a very healthy passive income with niche marketing – it’s only limitation is time. With automated research you have more time to spend on profitable activities.

in 2011 NicheReaper was first offered to Public…

What’s New in NicheReaper 2.0?

50-60,000 New Keyword Trends Researched per Day

Only 5000+ Make Our Hot List

NicheReaper BOT Crawls Authority Sites for Keywords
NicheReaper BOT searches: Wikipedia Articles, Google News, Google Search, WordPress, Reddit & AOL Hot lists & uses a complex algorithm which identifies 50-60,000 possible keywords per day
Initial Pre-Check On All Found Keywords
NicheReaper engine pre-checks the 50-60,000 newly found keywords with SEMRUSH for quality – if the keyword doesn’t appear in paid search metrics it’s immediately discarded. 90% of keywords are eliminated here.
Keywords Validated by Search Volume & CPC Rate
Only keywords showing an initial search volume of 1000+ & a CPC rate of at least $0.25 are passed for further research – everything else is rejected. This leaves approximately 5000 pre-validated keywords for full research.
Full Paid Search on Qualified Keywords
Keywords are fully researched through SEMRUSH paid metrics to ensure data accuracy. Any new keyword variants discovered here are also added to our validated keyword list & researched.
Further Searches Made on Researched Keywords
NicheReaper then performs domain availability, Facebook vanity URL availability & checks the number of keyword related video listings in Google
Google Page 1 Competitor Research
NicheReaper engine researches all Google Page 1 competitors through Majestic SEO & Shared Count so users get all relevant social, SEO & backlink data.
All Data Over 60 Days Old is Deleted
To ensure data freshness all data over 60 days old is automatically deleted.

All the Hard Work is Done For You

Everything is Done For You Without Cutting Corners

Thinking Up Keywords – Done Automatically
Our algorithm(see above) finds 50-60,000 Trending Keywords per day & pre-checks these with paid search sites to eliminate any keywords with less than 1000 searches & CPC rate of less than $0.25 – it identifies 5000+ new opportunities per day
Related Keyword Research – Done Automatically
NicheReaper 2 automatically finds related keywords with at least 1000+ monthly searches & CPC of at least $0,25 through paid search & LSI
Paid Traffic Research – Done Automatically
5000+ daily qualified keywords are automatically researched via SEMRUSH to get accurate traffic, CPC figures & adword competition data – we’ve paid for it so you don’t have to.
Competitor Research – Done Automatically
All Google page 1 competitors are researched automatically for backlinks, social signal & SEO factors – this is already done for every keyword arriving in our database

Our Competitors Charge $175-$500 per month
- We Want Their Business…

Our Cheapest Competitor Charges $175 & Delivers Much Less

The volume & quality of data delivered for the money in NicheReaper is currently unmatched by any other product even at our full selling price of $149. For a limited period only we

+2014 Members Will Get an Awesome Bonus!

From May 4th 2014 We’re Adding The Most Valuable Keywords NicheReaper 1.0 Found. The Elite 10% Keywords of the 7 Million Researched Keywords – The 700,000 Hottest Keywords

Our engine currently delivers approximately 150,000 keywords per month From May 4th 2014 we’ll increase the taps to 200,000 for 14 months & re-research 50,000 Extra Keywords from the Hot List to see what opportunities are available in some of the top niches. Superb value for all members.

“It’s a no brainer for any serious marketer…”

JP Schoeffel – SEO & Niche Marketing Expert

“Since the day I started working online, the #1 task I have not found a way to automate or make easy is the most critical one, the one everyone starts with… and the number one reason why 99% of niche marketers are failing!
I am talking about niche research & evaluation.
OK, there are already tons of so-called keyword research tools, and “12 month old” keyword database services but they are just plain useless and not worth a dime.
So basically, you are left alone to find valuable niches and “good” keywords. Not impossible, but a tedious task. Until today that is, when I started using NicheReaper. It’s like all of sudden all of the issues I mention above have magically vanished. 10 seconds after logging in NicheReaper pointed me to a great niche and a few keywords I could dominate quite easily. 2 minutes later I registered a domain for that niche and I was in the game to dominate this niche! NicheReaper has a complex algorithm to analyze the niches and keywords and only return the ones you can easily dominate, and it simply replaces ALL of the tools I was using (niche/keyword research, keyword analysis etc.) and it provides results that will allow ANYONE to take action almost instantly.
It’s a no-brainer for any serious niche marketer…”

” I would keep it for myself…”

Mike Johnson – SEO & Niche Marketing & Auto-blogging Expert

“I have been running the Auto Blog Blueprint Course for over a year and a half. In that time, I have found that one of the hardest things for beginners to do, for anyone really, is to find quality niches to build their blogs on.
In Affiliate Marketing, everyone is looking for the right niche to build a new site on, right? Here comes along Niche Reaper and I can tell you that it is the ultimate answer for finding what Niches to promote.
You don’t have to “look” and “research” any more. NicheReaper does it all for you. I have always promoted products like Market Samurai and Micro Niche Finder. The problem is, even though they let you do awesome research, you still have to “find” a niche to research in the first place. With NicheReaper, that is all over.
When Matt let me look inside the first thing I said to myself was Wow! This is the answer to all my Niche Finding problems for my Members. This is the first product I have seen in Internet Marketing that actually (and legitimately) finds high quality Niches that you can start making money with Instantly!
Great Work Guys!
I just can’t believe you are selling this! I would keep it for myself. Ha!”

“I don’t think I’ll ever be stuck for niche ideas again!…”

Richard Legg – Traffic & Affiliate Marketing Expert

“One of the most important parts of my business is research – the reason it’s so important is because, if you get it right, making money online is EASY … but get it wrong, and you’ll struggle to make anything. What I love about NicheReaper is that it takes the tedious, mind-numbing tasks involved in doing really good niche/keyword research and automates the entire process – leaving us more time to focus on building more sites and making more money.
This is a really solid service, and I know it’s based on techniques you use in your own marketing, so it’s not just another useless theory ‘e-book’.
NicheReaper is going to save anyone who uses it hours of time and frustration usually associated with the “old” way of doing research. I don’t think I’ll ever be stuck for niche ideas again! :)

“Would normally have to use multiple tools…”

Randy Smith – Professional Affiliate Marketer

“Hi Matt & Gary,
I’ve just had my tech guy sat next to me while we walked through ‘NicheReaper’ (You know I’m non techy…lol) Well – Even I could see the simplicity of having SO MUCH info in one place!
So from a technophobe point of view – it looks GREAT! That said – My techy was practically jumping up and down with excitement!
He tells me you have just created a tool that will not only save him several thousand dollars a year…BUT ALSO… Around FIVE HOURS in time for each keyword he would normally have to use multiple tools for! Very Impressive guys!
I’ll be recommending NicheReaper for anyone who uses keyword tools from here on in!
Warm Regards – Randy!”

“I used to spend about 3 days at a time…”

Adil Amarsi – Expert Niche Marketer

“I used to spend about 3 days at a time to get the right niche, good keywords, understand how many backlinks, search engine positions and how much content had to be written in order to get decent, if not great rankings. That’s 3 days which is worth a lot of money to me as well as those I care about.
What NicheReaper did was streamline everything so I knew what niche to go after, what products to make and which bonuses to get done. Not to mention the right article keywords and how much competition I had. It’s not just me though, I’ve had my top two business partners use NicheReaper and they’ve had very quick results.”

“freaking awesome…”

Erika L Rich & Adam Begley – Expert SEO & SMM Marketers

“This product is freaking awesome!
This is definitely a “must have” tool in the arsenal if you do any keyword research or internet marketing at all.
Great Job Matt & Gary!

…Day 2 of Our Crazy Offer – Almost 20% of Our 1000 Rock Bottom Spots Have Gone …

NicheReaper 2.0

NicheReaper 2.0 Offer

“100% Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee”


If for any reason you’re not happy with the product within 14 days of your purchase, you’re entitled to our 100% money back guarantee. No quibbles, no buts, no bad feeling.

We are confident that you will be happy with NicheReaper 2.0 & you’ll agree that it’s a high quality, well tested and proven product.

If you decide otherwise just ask & a refund will be on it’s way. This is your completely 100% RISK FREE Test Drive.

We Promise IT Won’t To Be Sold for Less!
(This will be the monthly price you pay… price below will go up as promo ends)

Introductory Offer for 1st 1000 Spaces
Get 60% OFF Our Full Price of $147

NicheReaper v2 [SEOUK]


Buyers of This Product Will Also Get Exclusive Option of an Unreleased Product

Web Domain Sniper

Web Domain Sniper - Advanced Domain Research Tool

Buyers of NicheReaper 2.0 only will get an option to buy Web Domain Sniper our new Domain Research Software which runs on Adobe Air (PC & MAC).

Searching for domains nowadays is a nightmare! Almost anything interesting is taken. This software adds extra variants that you would never had thought of to the search such as: adding closest matching related keywords trending on Google & Amazon + loads more – A Really Useful New Domain Research Tool

It's Me

Thanks for reading….

Some of you will know me already as the guy behind many other great products such as BlogDefender, PSMasterclass, WP Simulator & Blog Tactics. For those that don’t know me – I don’t release many digital products & when I do the products are truly gold in terms of information & value. I run 100′s of profitable websites myself so what I teach is based on my own experience & results. It would be a waste of my time to offer you anything that isn’t my very best as I have many trusting subscribers & respected industry partners.

The principle behind my offers is always to save us both time & money. If the product doesn’t meet these criteria it doesn’t get off the ground. Once you run more than a few sites time & cost become a bigger priority which is why I’m always looking for better & faster ways for us to achieve our goals.

I am confident that NicheReaper 2.0 meets these criteria & I believe you will benefit from your investment, of course you always have my no quibble money back guarantee…

SEOUK Product Promise…

SEOUK Guarantee

I hope you enjoy the product.

Kind Regards,

P.S. We’re always looking to improve – please don’t hesitate to contact me about anything you feel we do better & let us know if you like the product – I always appreciate customer feedback

A Small Price For Some Great Knowhow :)

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[GET] Video Vantage

Posted by ernieh | Posted in JVZOO Special Offers | Posted on 18-02-2014

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Video Vantage

Video Vantage Pro
Video Vantage Lite
Video Vantage Pro
Video Vantage Lite
Video Vantage Pro
Video Vantage Lite
Video Vantage Pro
Video Vantage Lite


[GET] Web Traffic Mayhem

Posted by ernieh | Posted in JVZOO Special Offers | Posted on 15-02-2014

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Web Traffic Mayhem

Web Traffic Mayhem


Web Traffic Mayhem
Web Traffic Mayhem

[GET] [WSO OF THE DAY] How to Choose and Research a Profitable Niche Market WSOTD Videos, Mindmap, Checklist

Posted by ernieh | Posted in Warrior Special Offers | Posted on 05-01-2014


[WSO OF THE DAY] How to Choose & Research a Profitable Niche Market WSOTD Videos, Mindmap, Checklist

Selected as WSO of the Day Saturday January 4th 2014
Are You Frustrated That Your Online Business
Isn’t Making YOU Enough Money?

Discover How You Can Find and Research Your Own Extremely
Profitable Niche Market Within 24 Hours… 100% Guaranteed!

We are Currently the #1 Selling Product on WarriorPlus for January 3rd 2014 – THANK YOU

Rave Reviews


Originally Posted by Sonja Bends
Just by following the check list, I was able to find and research a niche market and learned a TON about it in less than an hour starting from scratch.
Originally Posted by retirewithsandie
Any newbie can easily jump into this because it’s all self-explanatory & with the breakdown you won’t be confused about what you’re looking for or worry about missing a step.
Originally Posted by Thmedia-Solution
Absolutely fantastic! This is a must have for all internet marketers!
Originally Posted by tarasb
This product helps me simplify the process for me and come up with niche ideas that I would never have thought off.
Originally Posted by skeetermcgee
I’ve done quite a bit of market and niche research and I had no idea there was such a better way of doing it.
Originally Posted by Alessandro Zamboni
You have prepared one of the best niche research training I’ve ever seen, with a total of 35 videos and 3 PDFs (a PowerPoint presentation, a super mind map and a niche research checklist with some good resources).
Originally Posted by Webel
This is the ‘missing’ aspect as far as I’m concerned. Nice Job!
Everything in the course was thoughtfully laid out and presented in an easy to understand manner and I highly recommend it.
Originally Posted by Mike Tyler View Post
There is ton of useful videos in this niche marketing course and at a great price!
Originally Posted by mizesean View Post
Reed, this is amazing training! Something I wish I had created! You’ve done a super-clear job of showing someone how to easily choose the right niche – and I LOVE the 35 different places to get targeted research on whether your niche is right or not!
Originally Posted by nichecloner View Post
All in all, I highly recommend picking up this product whether or not you think you know it all. There are some nuggets in this product that I picked up and I have been marketing online for over 10 years.
Originally Posted by MaxProfit007 View Post
This is a very well put together WSO – and easily worth much more than the price.Just Get It Now…and profit!


Originally Posted by siteline View Post
The amount of information you’re getting here in this package for this low price is truly a Warrior Special Offer!!!


Originally Posted by byalik View Post
there were a few new gems in there. My philosophy is if I can learn one new thing from anything I read, it was well worth it. I’m sure most of you will be able to find new opportunities with these methods and it’s definitely worth the buy
Originally Posted by Duncan2222 View Post
Awesome stuff Reed. I’ve been talking to my subscribers lately about how to find profitable niches but what you have done takes it to a whole new level……..This will certainly help out a lot of people and I can’t wait to share it with my current subscribers. Nice work!
Originally Posted by Rishy View Post
But it’s not about products.It’s about choosing the right market or niche and this is where Reed’s stuff really shines. He has created a comprehensive niche marketing course that covers choosing a profitable niche from all the angles.


Originally Posted by chocobo244 View Post
I recommend anyone who’s hesitating to buy his product to jump in on these methods (especially newbie).
Originally Posted by trevord92 View Post
Overall, it’s very good – a solid workhorse that you can dip into whenever you need inspiration for researching a new niche or finding a new angle for a niche you’re already in.And to cover the question that’s bound to get asked in this thread, you don’t need any keyword research tools for this.

Originally Posted by KMEByrne View Post
This is an exciting day to say the least!!I have known Reed for many years within the Niche Market,
he is one of the few who preaches what he practices himself,
and when he goes about releasing a product like this you can be
sure it is full of golden nuggets.

Originally Posted by ajacko View Post
Great for newbies and loads of gems in there for even experienced IMers. One of the best infoproducts to come out of the WF for a long time and at this price, this really is a no-brainer.

From the desk of: Reed Floren
6:30 PM Saint Peter, Minnesota
Subject: Re: Your Own Profitable Niche

Dear friend,

Is financial instability not letting you sleep at night?

Are you constantly dreaming about an easy solution that could change your life forever?

Do you feel frustrated because all the gurus make it sound so easy to make money online while you struggle?

If your answer is a big and resounding “YES” to these questions, I have very good news for you.

This will be, perhaps, the most important message that you will read today.

Here’s why…

Believe it or not, you’re about to discover an effective and revolutionary system that will allow you to uncover niche markets that can EXPLODE your online sales!

Trust me, the information/system that I have for you is going to dramatically change your life.

Here is some proof of some income from a few different niche campaigns of mine…

These tactics are making money across various affiliate networks such as InfusionSoft, ClickBank, WarriorPlus and JVZoo.

None of these images are sales of my own products because I want to show you that ANYONE can do this regardless if you have a product of your own or not.

It’s selling everything from eBooks, to videos, to webinars, to live seminars, to monthly coaching to software…

I should also let you know that a lot of that income is recurring monthly income… rebilling every single month… and it’s just a fraction of the campaigns I’m running.


Originally Posted by Sonja Bends
To be a successful Internet Marketer you need to know
what people are searching for – and fulfill their needs.
There are thousands of profitable niche markets waiting for you to discover.Don’t waste your time spending countless hours on research trying
to find that perfect, profitable niche with eager buyers
and with no competition.

All you have to do is to follow Reed’s course

It is an excellent course for how to uncover the profitable niche markets.

It contains 35 step-by-step video trainings plus a PowerPoint presentation, a Mindmap, and a niche research checklist/list of resources for you to enjoy – Amazing Value!

Just by following the check list, I was able to find and research a niche market
and learned a TON about it in less than an hour starting from scratch.

Highly recommended!

Sonja Bendz

International Best-Selling Author

Originally Posted by retirewithsandie
Thank you Reed for allowing me to review your WSO.How to Choose & Research a Profitable Niche Market is a series of PDFs & videos. The Videos are aimed for those who are unfamiliar with a certain aspect or site you’ll be using in your research.

I absolutely LOVE his checklist.

With this one, not only do you have those steps, but you also have reminders where necessary what you’re looking for in order to properly validate your research. As well as space to take notes. There are a total of 34 points, 27 you’ll use in your research. You want to have a lot of “yes” tick marks. The additional 7 are bonus steps to further break down your market.

Any newbie can easily jump into this because it’s all self-explanatory & with the breakdown you won’t be confused about what you’re looking for or worry about missing a step.

Here’s why you’re not making enough money right now.

Odds are that if you are like most struggling marketers you are doing ATLEAST one of the following…

1. You have no real plan
2. You don’t have a mailing list
3. You don’t have your own product
4. You don’t have affiliates selling your products
5. And most importantly you haven’t decided yet on which profitable niche to exploit for massive gains!

The thing is…

Many people just like you are confused and frustrated when it comes to picking the right niche market.

But you see, almost no-one realizes that solving your financial problems is often something very easy to accomplish.


Not Too Long Ago I Was Suffering The Terrible Consequences Of Having No Clue What To Do…

I know how you’re feeling right now.

Mainly because a few years ago I was in the very same position you’re in right now.

You see when I started marketing online back in 1999 I had no CLUE what to do.

I jumped around from offer to offer attempting everything from getting paid to surf the web, to multi-level marketing, to eBay, to running my own forum, to doing AdSense arbitrage to joint ventures, to email marketing, to seminar speaking to product creation.

I was lost, confused and running in circles trying to find the “magic cure” that would allow me to have the money to live a life on my terms allowing me to spend quality time with friends and family.

For endless years I tried to find the perfect solution and did extensive research.


I Almost Gave Up And Threw In The Towel, But Finally I Discovered “The Magic Formula” To Finding Super Profitable Niches Just Waiting For You To Exploit!

Almost in shock – and by accident – I discovered a revolutionary method that quickly and easily allowed me to find where the money is really being spent online!

This formula can be applied by anyone in order to see life-changing results…the kind of results you’re desperately searching for now.

Luckily for you, I’ve carefully compiled all the necessary information in a step-by-step fashion guide, and the best thing is, you can easily download this system!


How to Find and Research a Profitable Niche Market is the definitive answer you’ve been looking for.

The system I laid out in this insightful and fabulous course is proven to work like magic.

It’s a 100% guaranteed way to end your lack of sales – forever!


Originally Posted by Thmedia-Solution
Hey, so here is my review about your WSO.Absolutely fantastic! This is a must have for all internet marketers!

What you get in this WSO
• PDF copy of PowerPoint Presentation
• PDF of Mindmap
• PDF of Checklist

+35 high quality videos! The videos are very well explained and detailed.

The Mindmap and Checklist alone are worth to buy it!

Thank you very much for this WSO!

Look, I know that before landed on this WSO, you already did your research and along the way you heard exaggerated and bold claims.

But trust me on this one: How to Find and Research a Profitable Niche Market will unlock the secrets behind what the gurus aren’t telling you about making money online that you need to know!

For the last few years I’ve been developing, testing and tweaking to perfection the system you’re about to download.

This Is Very Simple: I’m 100% Confident That My Method Is Going To Help You Stop Wasting Your Time Spinning Your Wheels on Other Methods and Markets That Just Don’t Work!

This is the thing…

If How to Find and Research a Profitable Niche helped me to overcome the barriers to internet profits it will also help YOU.

There’s nothing like this out there.

You cannot find this life-changing information in your local bookstore.

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My guide is that exclusive!

Look, this is the truth: most people never realize that you can actually let the big businesses tell you where the money is being spent so you can profit on all the hard work and money they have spent researching your market for you!

And in order to achieve this, you only need the RIGHT guidance and the RIGHT information from someone who is an expert.

And I have that system for you, right here.

This is just a tiny fraction of what you’re about to discover in How to Find and Research a Profitable Niche Market.

The BIG 4 Niche Markets You NEED to Be In

Why You Want to See Competition in Your Niche

How Your Passions and Interests Can Make You Rich

The 4 Dead Giveaways That Prove People Spend BIG MONEY In Your Niche

The Niche Domination Mindset (Get This Wrong And You Will Forever Be Broke)

How to Find Places to Advertise Your Product/Service for Pennies on The Dollar!

The 4 Simple Ways to Get Extremely Targeted Demographic Data For Your Market

The 27 Often Overlooked Sites To Verify Your Niche Is Profitable

How I was Able to Get Quoted For A Cover Story in a National Magazine By Doing Niche Research – This SHOCKED Me At How Easy It Was To Do!

And Much, Much More!


Originally Posted by tarasb
Disclosure: I was lucky enough to receive a review copy of this product.The hardest part for me when I started online was trying to work out how to pick niches and trying to work out if the niche I picked was going to be worth going after.

Reed has done well in explaining the basics of niche research I found that he does not over complicate things.

There are a lot of sites that Reed shares which are fantastic for getting ideas for a niche. I liked this as when I start thinking of picking a niche my mind goes blank as I stare at a blank screen. This product helps me simplify the process for me and come up with niche ideas that I would never have thought off.

Also benefited from your check list as it helps me keep my mind focused and not over complicate the whole process for me. I liked the check list and having to have a good amount of check list ticks to know that you are on the right track.


Originally Posted by skeetermcgee
I was lucky to receive a review copy of Reed Floren’s Niche research product.I’ve done quite a bit of market and niche research and I had no idea there was such a better way of doing it.

He explains in great detail what markets are profitable, how to find little gold mine niches in these markets, and how to verify, verify, and re-verify that it’s a solid niche.

There are so many nuggets of great info in here, I will be using his methods from here on out with my future projects.

Not only does he teach you how to find these niches, but he also shows you ways to come up with great ideas for coming up with your topics and product ideas.

If at any point you need deeper clarification on any of the steps involved, he has detailed video tutorials for each step.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone struggling to find a niche to work in, or anyone wanting to approach their target audience from a different and more effective angle.

Thanks Reed!

And do you know what’s best of all?


You Can Quickly And Easy Download My How to Find and Research a Profitable Niche Market System Right NOW!

Things can’t be easier for you right now…

In order to save you time and money, I made everything possible so that you can download and access all the life-changing information that How to Find and Research a Profitable Niche Market contains in less than 60 seconds.

Yes, you heard right! You can easily and safely purchase How to Find and Research a Profitable Niche Market and start going through the contents in less than 60 seconds!

I’ve prepared all the information that will allow you to determine if a niche is a winner in video format. (The videos can be instantly downloaded.)

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And That’s Not All! Because When You Order How to Find and Research a Profitable Niche Market TODAY, You Get The Following Fantastic Bonuses…100% FREE.

Bonus #1: How to Research A Profitable Niche Market PowerPoint Presentation (Available as Video and Printable PDF) – $97 value

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In order to prove to you that I have complete and blind confidence in my product, you can try it for 60 days (that’s two months!).

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The bottom line is…you’re happy with your results or your money back.
I promise I won’t ask you questions.


All you have to do is

Thanks for reading this important letter.

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Reed Floren

PS. The low price of $17 is not going to last forever. Not even close. I suggest you grab your copy now, in order to save money.

You might come here tomorrow and find that this price is no longer available anymore…that it has considerably risen.

PPS. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find out exactly what niche markets people are spending BIG money online in just 24 hours? This can be possible with my help

[GET] Keyword Digger Pro

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Keyword Digger Pro keyword research software
Uncover easy to rank keywords Check the level of competition for any keyword powerful seo software finds keywords Find tons of longtail keywords that are easy to rank in Google Dig thosuands of keywords from the top ranked pages

Keyword Digger Pro (v1.2)

Retrieve relevant content for any niche keyword

Keyword Digger Pro (v1.2)

Desktop Windows SEO software

Keyword Digger Pro (v1.2)

Quickly filter and sort keyword lists with a single click


[GET] Covert Store Builder

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This is a time limited special offer. This offer may be closed down at ANY TIME &
the price WILL go up very soon!
Sign up now and secure your discount today!


From: Soren Jordansen, John Merrick & Cindy Battye aka The IM Wealth Builders
RE: How To Cash In With Your Own Network Of Viral & Profitable Affiliate Stores

The economy has been tanking since 2008 and every single day we get reminded about it with our daily dose of bad news from around the world… Fiscal cliffs in the US, Eurozone Crisis, mass unemployment etc.

But amidst declining consumer confidence and stagnating retail sales… One industry is actually bucking the trend and growing very fast…

eCommerce and online retail is blooming, and every day more and more people choose to do their shopping online.

Amazon is of course the 800lb gorilla in online retail – just take a look at these jaw dropping stats…

That is some truly insane numbers.

And even though Amazon is big… they are only one player in a huge market worth over $1 trillion a year and growing fast!

Most of the big online retail networks, Amazon included, have affiliate programs. They will pay you a % of every order placed by visitors you send to them through your affiliate links.

Now you may have looked at for example Amazon’s affiliate program before and thought to yourself that it did not seem very interesting… after all they only pay between 4% to 10% commissions right?

I know this may sound weird… but this is actually better than your usual run of the mill digital info product offering 50%, 75% or maybe even 100% commissions!

The reason…

Unlike most info products… A site like Amazon has products that EVERYONE both want and need. Nowadays you could actually live your entire life only shopping from Amazon.

No matter what your audience is – you would be able to sell them something from Amazon or similar sites.

Amazon is also the uncrowned king of upsells – they are extremely good at getting people to buy more than one item at a time – and those 4-10% commissions rack up fast!

They have the “these items are frequently purchased together” thing going, not to mention the minimum order required to qualify for free shipping.

Bottom line… all the big super affiliates already know that selling physical products from sites like Amazon is the secret key to earning the big affiliate paychecks!

So how do you get started on this?

Plenty of more or less ethical marketers have released so called Amazon affiliate themes over the last couple of years… Understandable since Amazon is a buzz word and that means loads of potential buyers for good affiliate themes

Unfortunately the hype was seldom justified.

Earning the big affiliate paychecks, takes a lot more than just displaying some auto blogged Amazon products in a grid!

And odds are pretty good that you have a few of these “Azon” this or “Zon” that themes, collecting virtual dust on your hard drive… And the only commission they have ever generated was the one for the affiliate who recommended them to you!

But if we already know what doesn’t work – then surely we also know…

At the start of 2013 we began researching all the biggest eCommerce and affiliate stores out there… looking for common traits that would explain their success.

We ended up with an impressive feature list and then went about creating the ultimate affiliate store platform, incorporating all these common traits.

And as you may know… we are huge fans of WordPress. Not only is WP both easy and free to use… Google also loves the WP platform so it’s great for SEO and getting free traffic too.

Plus with 3 previous best selling WP themes under our belt it made sense for us to pull on that experience and incorporate the best features from our previous work too.

6 months of grueling development and testing later… We are 100% confident that we have succeeded in creating the ultimate affiliate store builder.

And we are extremely proud to be able to introduce…

The Covert Store Builder Theme

First of all… If you haven’t done so already… I highly recommend that you watch the video at the top of this page, where I give a completely walkthrough demo of how this powerful theme works.

But if you prefer to read that is ok too :)

Covert Store Builder is a super simple to use WordPress theme and it only takes one click install! That means it will work on any computer, all you need in order to use it, is a self hosted WordPress blog.

As you can see in the screenshot below – I used the theme to set up an affiliate store selling kitchen supplies and cookware – as a foodie that is something I have a personal interest in.

But you can use the Covert Store Builder to build affiliate stores in ANY niche you want!

… including single niches or a big store covering multiple niches like for example Amazon itself does.

Anyway… I’m sure you’ll have to agree that the design looks very crisp, clean and professional!

However, the best part is that I did not write a single word on that page myself! It’s all products and content imported straight from Amazon and other affiliate networks… I’ll show you how that works in a bit.

The look above is how a Covert Store Builder site looks “out of the box”… Yep, your first site will look this good without you having to fiddle with any settings to achieve it!

But of course we built in the option to customize anything you want… all the options are on one simple page and can be changed with just a few clicks of your mouse!

The screenshot above shows just a few of the settings you can easily change from the “Theme Options” page – these include:

  • Setting a custom header or background image (or color)
  • Edit any color anywhere on your blog, with a simple point & click color selector tool
  • Turn the widget ready sidebars on/off for all your pages and posts (show them to the left or right)
  • Change the text on all your menus, categories, buttons etc.
  • Select how to order your posts on the front page – exclude/include posts and categories
  • And much more…

And this even includes 5 premade templates. You simply click on one of them and all the color settings in your theme will automatically change.

This is the easiest way to change the look of an entire theme you have ever seen!

But that’s just the look – the real power lies in what this theme can do!

And with the Covert Store Builder you can…

That’s right… Straight out of the box – the Covert Store Builder theme comes with all the functionality of the big ecommerce sites.

  • Your visitors can browse your sites and search for products they like
  • They can join your site as members and they will automatically be added to your autoresponder!
  • They can add products to their wish list for later and even share their wish list with their friends!
  • Covert Store Builder is self optimizing, automatically showing the most popular products first – maximizing your profits!
  • And much more…

And this is NOT some fake theme that imitates a real eCommerce site…

We’ve stretched WordPress to the limit… and then some!

Coding you an affiliate store theme that allows you to…

Adding products to your new store could not be any easier…

You simply choose what keyword to search for on which networks (and how many results you want to get)

The theme then gives you a list of products, with all the details you need.

All you have to do is check the box next to the products you want to import – select which category to import too – and whether you want to import as drafts (for later editing/publishing) or as posts that go live immediately.

You can literally fill your new store with great selling products in mere minutes… Without ever having to write a single word!

After you have added some products, the real power of the theme kicks in – because this is…

No more guessing what will convert best to your visitors.

The theme will track impressions and clicks for every single product in your store…

And by default it will automatically show the most popular products at the top of your store!

This feature will continuously maximize your conversion rates and profits on complete autopilot!

This is not only for the home page either… you can choose to show only your best converting products in the featured products rotator at the top of your page.

instantly increase your sales and conversions by showing your visitors exactly what they are most likely to buy, as the first thing they see when they visit your site!

Notice the “+ Add To Wish List” links in the screenshots above?

When your visitors click on that link to use the feature, they will be prompted to login or create an account on your site.

That means you will have…

As I said when your visitors click the “+ Add To Wish List” links they will be asked to login – and if they haven’t signed up yet they can easily do so from the sexy lighbox pop-up join form.

And since the wish list function is very handy and a large chunk of your visitors will join your site in order to enhance their shopping experience…

They can then bookmark products they like for later shopping – like this…

Not only will this increase your conversion rates… It will also help ensure that your visitors return to shop at your store over and over again!

But the real magic happens when your members start sharing their wish lists with their friends.

Notice the share this wish list links on the screenshot above?

Your visitors can build a wish list, for example for X-mas, birthdays, weddings etc. and then share it with their friends on social media or via email.

Their friends will then land on a page like this…

Making it super easy for them to buy gifts for their friend… and of course you will earn a commission every time they do so!

But even better…

The wish list will have your members automatically generating traffic, sales and new customers for you, every time they use the feature!

And that’s not even the best part!

When someone joins your site, Covert Store Builder can automatically send them a welcome email – and as you see below you can fully customize that email.

Including a P.S. like in the email above where you can promote a product from your store, or something else related to you niche.

And with just a single click you can manually export all your members as leads!

The export generates a handy .csv file which is exactly what you need to easily add them to any autoreponder service like for example Aweber and GetResponse.

But we took it one step further… and custom coded something I have never seen in any other WordPress theme! With Covert Store Builder you can…

Yes, with a super simple setup that’s fully integrated with all the big auto responders (and works will all the others too)…

…You can automatically and instantly add ALL your members to your autoresponder list of choice!

This way you can email them whenever you want – keep them coming back to your store and/or sell products to them directly.

People always say that “the money is in the list!”… and that’s 100% true.

And with Covert Store Builder you will automatically build a list of customers… and since they signed up to join your store you know exactly what they are interested in buying!

Being able to sell to the same people again and againwithout extra effort or cost – is the secret key to super affiliate success.

Covert Store Builder is more than your own affiliate store – it just became…

And not only will you make money every time one of your visitors or members buy one of the products you have added to your store.

The theme comes with 8 widget ready areas – including sidebars for all posts and pages and footer.

Use these to add any WP widgets, ads, optin forms etc… Including these two custom inbuilt widgets that will help you make even more affiliate sales!

Covert Store Builder also has inbuilt theme ads.

You can use these for anything you want, including for example Google Adsense.

Simply configure how many ads you want to display and where – then put in the code for your ads…

And your ads will show up in between the product listings in your store… ready to make you even more money!

As you can see we have thought about everything for Covert Store Builder.

You stores will get members!

You will build a list!

And you will make sales & earn money!

There’s only one component missing… in order to kickstart all this your stores of course need traffic.

But don’t worry we have that covered too!

On top of the automatic social traffic the wish list function will generate for your store…

Both you and your members… and indeed anyone who visits your Covert Store Builder sites can share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ & LinkedIn!

From the front page they can also click to follow you on all the social networks or subscribe to your RSS feed – giving you another way to reach your customers over and over again…

And finally… We’ve saved the best bit for last!

The Covert Store Builder theme lets your visitors comment on your post using Facebook comments!

Not only will this result in more comments and social engagement from your users – because they are familiar with Facebook comments and love to use them

It will also result in free links and loads of viral traffic to your store.

Because every time someone comments on a product in your store – the product will be posted on their Facebook wall complete with a link back to your store!

And notice how, if people comment on that Facebook post, the comment will also automatically be added to your store!

Getting people to share and comment on the products in your store is easy…

Especially if you build niche stores that center around a single topic – like I did with the cooking supplies store above.

It’s much easier to get people to engage when they are interested in everything in your store – as opposed to only a few items.

And luckily for you…

You CAN build as many niche affiliate stores as you want, because…

For the next few people who order we’re going to add…

Yep, you read that right!

If your order the Covert Store Builder theme from this special page today, we’ll even include multi-site and site flipping license at no extra cost!

That means you can…

    • Use Covert Store Builder on as many of your own blogs as you like – existing and future ones!
  • You can even use Covert Store Builder on blogs you build for clients or on blogs you flip for profit!

And since we really would love to see you be successful with out theme, we’re also going to include…

You get…

    • Step-By-Step Set Up Guide: this PDF will walk you step by step through how to set up a Covert Store Builder site. It’s so detailed you could just hand it to an outsourcer and tell them to “go build!”
    • Full Video Tutorials: showing you how to install the theme. Plus walking you through all the technical stuff you need to know in order to run a profitable affiliate store.
    • Easy To Follow Help File: with explanations and descriptions of all the settings and functions in the Covert Store Builder theme.

And there are indeed other affiliate store scripts and themes on the market.

The one that comes closest to Covert Store Builder will cost you $49.99 per month – for a SINGLE site license!

And here’s the kicker…

This stupidly expensive script was so hard to use, that even John (our head programmer) had to throw in the towel… and it didn’t even come with half the features we have included in our theme

It wasn’t a super simple 1-click install WordPress theme that could run a fully fledged affiliate store at the same time.

And it certainly did not come with the extremely powerful self optimising and inbuilt traffic generation features!

But here’s the really good news… we’re not going to charge you even close to what they were asking for their inferior script, because…

Obviously people are willing to pay big money for a simple to implement technology that has been proven to increase your traffic, sales, build your list and net you huge affiliate pay checks.

And we fully intend to release this on Clickbank at a much higher price later on – $97 or more!

But right now, and from this special page only… You can get your hands on the Covert Store Builder theme for a fraction of that!

And when you order today you’ll be “grandfathered” in and receive free updates for life!

But as I said this early bird special is very time limited.

The price will go up

And you will certainly not see multi and site flipping licenses included at such low a price, ever again!

So take action today and…

Regular Price $97 Today…

Order online safely and securely
100% Secure, Full Encryption Is Being Used
You’ll receive your order instantly even if it’s 2 am!


See you inside…

Soren Jordansen, John Merrick & Cindy Battye
Soren Jordansen, John Merrick & Cindy Battye
“The IM Wealth Builders”

P.S. The only way you can lose here is if you walk away empty-handed… This really is the most effective way to generate massive affiliate paychecks from your blog!

PRODUCT GUARANTEE: We’ll be totally straight with you here… If you plan on purchasing then asking for a refund, please don’t order a license. This is a very limited offer, so if you are not 100% committed then leave the license for other people who are and who will put it to good use. We only want to work closely with serious marketers and genuine folks that are ready to take their business to the next level.

But because we want you to start today with total peace of mind your investment is backed up by a full 45 day money back guarantee – You will be ordering with confidence and this eliminates any kind of risk on your part.


Contact Support

[GET] AmaSuite 3.0 Software Tools

Posted by ernieh | Posted in JVZOO Special Offers | Posted on 26-10-2013



Your Complete Amazon Research Software & Training Toolkit!

With the AmaSuite software package and training you will be twenty steps ahead of everyone else in the Amazon affiliate game … here’s a quick look at all of the software tools below …

The Azon Keyword Generator Version 3

Powerful Windows PC software that extracts keywords people are searching for right now by using Amazon’s search engine suggestions!

Uncover Profitable Keywords!

  • Unearth hundreds of hidden gold-nugget keywords with thousands of exact-match searches per month, that NOBODY even knows about!
  • Better for finding keywords with zero SEO competition!
  • Use to find more keyword rich domains!
  • Everyone else is using Google for keywords, using Amazon is almost like cheating!
  • Enter mulitple seed keywords to build massive keyword lists of thousands in just minutes!
  • Generate massive lists of keywords and quickly check with Googles keyword planner to spot the high-volume ones!
  • Snag up close-match domains and stuff your web page titles with keyword rich data guaranteed to feed the hungry search engines!
  • New multi-row sorting feature allowing you to quickly find the keywords you need!
  • Use the “GoDaddy” button to quickly check available domains for your list of keyword phrases!
  • Double-click any keyword row to instantly bring up the Google Insights history graph without ever leaving the software!
  • Look into the “minds” of your customers and get the keywords they search for when buying on Amazon!
Azon Keyword Generator Version 3

NEW & Improved Azon Keyword Generator!

In the new version 3, we have updated the software interface and integrated a feature that displays the Google Insights for each keyword phrase!

You simply double-click any keyword and the corresponding Google insights data appears in a built-in browser for quick previewing!

We’ve also integrated the ability to enter multiple seed keywords so you can build larger targeted keyword lists much faster.

In addition, you can now see the “rank” position of each keyword as it appears in Amazon’s drop-down keyword suggestion box.

Therefore, you can quickly sort your keyword lists by rank and uncover the BEST keyword opportunities on Amazon right now!

The Azon Top 100 Analyzer Version 3

This powerful Windows PC software is used to extract and analyze all the top 100 categories from the US and UK Amazon sites!

See What’s Already Selling!

  • Quickly find worthy top selling products to promote through the Amazon affiliate program!
  • Stop trawling through hundreds of Amazon pages hoping to spot a good affiliate product, let the software do it for you!
  • The Top 100 Analyzer lays this data out for you to see in a single window making the decision process really easy!
  • You can see the data within Best Sellers, Top Rated, Hot New Releases, Movers & Shakers, Most Gifted, and Most Wished For!
  • Extract ALL top 100 lists accross all the main categories in one fell swoop … now that is some POWERFUL stuff!!
  • Quickly see ONLY the data you NEED … using the custom filters feature!
  • Find EXACTLY what you need with blazing FAST one-click filters!
  • Optionally include your Amazon affiliate id into the software to include in saved reports!
  • Quick access button to export all ASINs to a file!
  • Export the data to interactive HTML reports that you can sell!
  • Select ANY category on Amazon to search using the manual category select window!
  • Extract the top 100 lists from both Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk
  • Save and load your own custom filter files to optimize your research even more!
Azon Top 100 Analyzer

Insert Your Amazon Affiliate ID!

You can now export data files containing your Amazon affiliate links! Therefore, you can sell or give away the exported data files containing your affiliate link, giving you another method to making money with this software!

Dig DEEP Into ANY Amazon Category!

Using the new “Manual Category Select” option, you simply navigate to the corresponding category within the built-in web browser window … and click “OK”.

Then the software will extract the top 100 list for that category!

You can dig down into any top 100 category as far as you want … there are NO category limits!

There is currently NO other software tool that has the ability to search ANY top 100 list on Amazon! Our unique but simple approach doesn’t require a massive database of categories … and therefore, does not require consistent software updates!

Export Data to Interactive HTML Reports!

You can now export the top 100 data to interactive HTML reports! These reports are contained within a single web file giving you the ability to sort, view, and search the data … directly inside the report file!

You can sell these exported html report files to your clients or on sites like Fiverr.com. There are thousands of business owners that would pay a lot of money for this type of research data!

With this new interactive reports option, you have another method to making money with this software!

Blazing FAST Filter Technology!

We’ve made it super easy to get the EXACT data you need!

To quickly get what you want … use the blazing fast one-click filters located at the top of every column!

We’ve integrated several pre-configured instant filters … helping you uncover the hot affiliate products you should be promoting!

You can even save all the filters using the “Data Filters” window.

With this feature you can create your filters just once .. and then keep using the same filter file making your research even FASTER!

The Azon Product Inspector

This powerful Windows PC software is used to extract and analyze products from Amazon beyond just the top 100 to uncover even MORE hidden gems!

Uncover More Hidden Gems!

  • Search and extract thousands of keyword targeted Amazon products
  • Allows you to look beyond the top 100 and uncover MORE hidden gems!
  • New feature allows you to exract the Overal Rank for each product listing!
  • See exactly which products are selling based on their product rank
  • Use the lightning fast one-click filters to quickly identify those profitable affiliate products!
  • Quickly see ONLY the data you NEED … using the custom filters feature!
  • Optionally include your Amazon affiliate id into the software to include in saved reports!
  • Quick access button to export all ASINs to a file!
  • Export the data to interactive HTML reports that you can sell!
  • Extract product listings from both Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk
  • Save and load your own custom filter files to optimize your research even more!
  • Quickly find products with MASSIVE discounts making it much easier to sell as an affiliate!
  • You can even use the software to find YOUR OWN massive discounts for any product in the entire Amazon marketplace!
Azon Product Inspector Version 3

The Gorgeous Layout Makes it Super Easy to Get What You REALLY Need!

Plus, you can insert your Amazon affiliate ID directly into the results, so you can earn commissions by giving away or selling reports you generate using this software!

This software boasts a beautiful layout giving you a simple controls interface.

It’s as simple as entering your keyword and clicking the “Start” button!

To help you find those “hidden” nuggets, use the price range, average customer rating, and product discount features!

Due to popular demand from our customers … we have now integrated the ability to extract the Amazon product rank for each product listing without manually checking each product on Amazon!

Now you can see EXACTLY what products are selling and the ones that are not!

Currently, the only way to know if a product on amazon is selling very well, is to look at the product rank. If the rank is low number, then that product is most likely selling VERY well … otherwise, if the rank is a large number, it’s most likely a dead product that won’t bring in any commissions!

Therefore, you can now find the most profitable products to promote as an Amazon affiliates 10 times FASTER!

AmaSync WordPress Plugin

A simple but powerful WordPress plugin that displays Amazon products on your site using data exported from the AmaSuite software! ( NOTE: this plugin works on both PC and Mac computers )

Fast Track Your Amazon Commissions!

  • This software plugin works on BOTH a PC computer running windows AND all Mac computers!
  • Directly import Amazon products from the AmaSuite software using simple text files!
  • AmaSync was designed to work hand-in-hand with the AmaSuite software programs!
  • Get your Amazon WordPress site STUFFED full of highly profitable Amazon affiliate products in just 3 minutes!
  • Sync up with Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk
  • Instantly display product images, titles, descriptions, prices and MORE!
  • You can now quickly build your Amazon affiliate empire in no time flat!

Get Instant Affiliate Products to Your WordPress Sites .. in Just a Few Minutes!

Getting your WordPress sites stuffed with highly-profitable Amazon affiliate products has NEVER been easier!

With a “Single-click”, you can export products from both the Azon Top 100 Analyzer or the Azon Product Inspector …

… and then import the products directly into your WordPress site using the AmaSync WordPress plugin!

Use any theme you want and use AmaSync to automatically populate your WordPress with the products that are proven to get you the highest commissions!

As if that wasn’t enough .. we decided to bring even more value to the table by throwing in 3 more awesome bonuses worth over $200! …

Bonus 1 – Brand NEW & Updated Amazon Affiliate Training Course!

As an added bonus you will also get our killer Amazon affiliate marketing crash course. We have updated our training course and doubled the content showing you everything from how to research, to choosing products, getting traffic, everything … with powerful and effective content!

Introduction – An introduction to the AmaSuite software tools

In this brief introduction video we’ll introduce you to the AmaSuite software tools so you can best apply them towards your efforts to making money with Amazon’s affiliate program.

Module 1 – How to research an Amazon niche

You’ll learn about the most important aspect of Amazon affiliate marketing which will lay the groundwork that determines your success or failure with these websites. Even if you’re an experienced marketer you should definitely watch this video.

Module 2 – How to setup an Amazon website

You’ll learn how to configure and set up your Amazon sites using the free WordPress platform. Plus, see exactly how to setup these sites for massive free traffic for earning the highest affiliate commissions.

Module 3 – Should you build niche or authority websites

In this video you’ll learn the pros and cons to building a lot of smaller income generating niche websites (that together can add up to a lot of money) or whether you should focus on building a handful of larger income producing authority websites.

Module 4 – Why Amazon review websites work the best

Website traffic to product review related keywords should be treated like gold – these visitors want to buy what you’re selling. In this video you’ll learn what it takes to make a good product review website and why these style websites work best.

Module 5 – How to write content for an Amazon website

You’ll learn about the three little-known types of articles you should write for your Amazon focused websites! The content you get for your niche is very important and this video reveals what content strategies to employ on your websites.

Module 6 – How to use AmaSync to cut down content creation times

You asked and we listened. Now you can use AmaSync to import the products you find using the AmaSuite tools to help you automatically create WordPress posts for each product along with pre populated Amazon affiliate links. Here you’ll learn how to best use this tool.

Module 7 – How to make money with Amazon websites

You’ll learn the time tested principals for making the most money with Amazon. The tactics revealed in this video are based on data collected from selling well over $1 million dollars worth of products from Amazon’s affiliate program.

Module 8 – How to get traffic to an Amazon website

You’ll learn how to get free traffic from Google to your Amazon websites. The link building strategies shared in the video are given for both niche and authority style websites to help you drive free traffic from Google.

Module 9 – How to buy Amazon websites

If you are pressed for time and don’t want to focus on building websites from scratch you can instead learn what it takes to buy websites instead. The strategies shared are based on years of experience buying and selling websites.

Bonus 2 – Companion Study Guide on How to Make More Money with Amazon

Companion Study Guide

Get a powerful companion study guide revealing 17 ways to make more money with the Amazon affiliate program.

The author of this report, Chris Guthrie, actually got fired from his job in late 2009!

But, fortunately by then he was already generating a full-time income from Amazon’s affiliate program .. and has been self-employed ever since generating over $1.5 Million in revenue from Amazon’s affiliate program, as well as, earning tens of thousands from other sources.

In this short study guide Chris reveals 17 methods to making more money with the Amazon affiliate program based from his personal experience selling over $1.5 million in product!

If you follow these simple tactics along with the methods given in the bonus tutorial videos, you’ll be guaranteed to increase your success as an Amazon affiliate!

Bonus 3 – Massive WordPress Video Training Course

In this bonus you get access to a massive and comprehensive WordPress video training course that contains 159 videos in total!

In the members area, you can watch the videos inside a video popup making it simple to follow along. You can also download each video to your computer. As another added bonus, if you prefer to read along while listening to the video … we’ve provided full transcripts of each video ready to download.

  • Module 1 - Introduction to online marketing ( 25 videos )
  • Module 2 - Introduction to WordPress ( 35 videos )
  • Module 3 - Advanced WordPress tricks & tips ( 26 videos )
  • Module 4 - How to make money with your WP blogs ( 20 videos )
  • Module 5 - Building backlinks with SEO ( 18 videos )
  • Module 6 - WordPress list building setup ( 13 videos )
  • Module 7 - Harnessing the social networks the right way ( 22 videos )

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Your purchase comes with a full 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will refund all your money back with no questions asked. Simply put, we don’t deserve to accept your money unless you are completely satisfied with the product. We are taking all the risk for you and you have nothing to lose! Get the brand new AmaSuite version 3 package today!

Dave Guindon & Chris Guthrie

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AmaSuite 3.0 Software Tools

Kent Chow, InMarketingTips.com Chris, congrats on your another killer launch! I just got it because it’s such an awesome deal. Product Inspector is now my new favorite!! as it saves me a LOT of time doing product research. I always promote the best products in my niche. It’s definitely a super time-saver! Love all your bonus stuff too … and they are great for continuing my education. I’m know this will help me to grow my Amazon Affiliate income! Thanks!

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Chris Guthrie

NOTE: The Azon Keyword Generator, Azon Top 100 Analyzer, and the Azon Product Inspector software are all designed to work on a Windows PC Only.

But, the AmaSync WordPress plugin will work on both PC and Macs because it’s an online software product that plugs into the WordPress blogging platform.

[GET] Quick Quote Wizard Interactive Sales System

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Can be installed on clients or personally owned sites but CANNOT be sold as standalone product.


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It says, single site only.